New York Times – Best Six Travel Books of the Year 2001

“In contrast Jim Keeble’s effervescent Independence Day not only admits his reason for traveling – he was dumped by his girlfriend of seven years – but makes it the premise of an entire heartbroken ramble across America… Nothing is funnier than someone else’s romantic misery and Keeble is hilarious.

No one is more philosophical than the newly dumped and this make Keeble a fine guide. Every chapter in this delightful book takes as a subject a woman he meets in a city along the way… and reminds us that a heart’s healing can be a journey in and of itself.”

The Times 15th December 01 Travel Books Of The Year 2001

“The book is as much an insight into male vulnerability as into modern day America – Keeble is always fresh and funny… the most readable book in the year’s travel bag.”

Scotland on Sunday 16th December 01

“An insightful, achingly funny and highly personal travelogue which offers a new perspective on the dating customs – and marital and sexual mores – of modern-day America…”

The Daily Telegraph 29th December 01

“A good-humoured jaunt…”

Scotsman 29th December 01

“Keeble’s funny observations about love, Americans and being on the road are never less than chuckleworthy…”

Mail on Sunday 27th January 02

“Keeble’s amatory travelogue is full of self-deprecating wit and pithy observations…”

She Magazine January 02

“Independence Day is a witty travelogue of love.”

Adventure Travel January 02

“Keeble engages the reader and entertains hugely. Whilst the story has the potential to be a touch depressing, the sharp wit of the author and his uniquely quirky way of viewing life transform this into a black comedy to rival Tarantino. Keeble’s use of language and imagery is inspired, ranging from incisive, through amusing and right on into bizarre and out the other side.

This is a meander across America at its best, wry yet sympathetic and ultimately his journey leads to acceptance that life goes on. Hilarious and very well written. Plan your post-break-up journey now.”